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Spitster and Misty-Ebony Whites

We have a small colony which includes most color mutations. However, we specialize in Ebonies and Whites. Our original breeders came from Carol Kessler, Dan Rolfe, and Whitewoods Chinchillas. We offer friendly, well socialized babies. We have been members of the MCBA since 2004.

We have babies available year round and we can be reached at the contact information below.

Pioneer Valley Chinchillas
E-mail: pioneervalleychins@earthlink.net

We are located in Southern Maine.

Please follow us on instagram @pioneervalleychins

A few of our chins are photographed below:

Biminy- Ebony White

Kasia - Homozygous Ebony

Ebony White Baby!

Chester and Silky - Chocolates

Two Ebony White babies

Violet White Baby

Mr. Chili-Mosaic

Spot - Chocolate White

Cocoa Puff, Coconut, baby, and Tootsie